We work hard to make every year better than the last. This year we are adding workshops to the mix. This is a chance to meet our visiting artists, talk shop, and make something together. Seats will be limited for each workshop, so if you’re planning on attending, sign up fast.



Creating Custom Vintage Type with Simon Walker

Real-Time Demonstration / Q&A

In this workshop Simon Walker will demonstrate how he creates vintage-style logos using custom type and digital texturing. During this workshop you'll learn to turn ideas & sketches into clean vector art, organize type layers, and balance your logos.

Bring your sketch pads / iPads / laptops / brains / pencils / etc. etc. -
This will be hands on and hopefully you'll leave with something you're proud of!

Friday, October 19 / 2:30-4:00
At Very / 1426 Williams St #11, Chattanooga, TN 37408

This workshop has sold out.


with Jason Craig

Real-Time Demonstration / Q&A

In 2017, Jason Craig created a small piece of art every week and hid it in his downtown in Augusta, Georgia for others to find. What began as a small inconspicuous project quickly grew into a much larger public art initiative that has helped frame the cities perspective on what public art can do for a community and earned Jason several awards, accolades and even a seat on the board of the Arts Council.

In this workshop you will create an art piece to give away as you hear the lessons that Jason learned from giving away over 60 pieces of his own free art. Basic supplies are included but feel free to bring any creative tools you need to make your work the best it can be.

Friday, October 19 / 4:30-6:00
At L2D / 606 Georgia Ave Suite A, Chattanooga, TN 37402

This workshop has sold out.